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Algorand: Scalable and rapidly growing blockchain

Algorand is the world's most decentralized, scalable, and secure blockchain infrastructure. From decentralized finance to generative NFT art (and everything in between), their sustainable blockchain is powering the economic models of the future.

What is Algorand used for?

The public version of the Algorand blockchain is primarily designed to enable other developers to create new kinds of applications fuelled by cryptocurrency.

The platform has been used in real estate, copyright, microfinance and more. A more detailed summary of use cases can be found on the Algorand Foundation’s official website.

The code for Algorand is open-source and can be cloned, copied or otherwise used in private or permissioned blockchains.

Token Economy The Algorand Foundation, the non-profit organization overseeing and funding development of the protocol, says that only 10 billion units of its ALGO cryptocurrency will ever be created.

Algorand maintains a block explorer, which keeps an official count of its circulating supply.

A schedule of distributions, which the foundation expects to be completed within five years of the protocol’s launch, can be found below:

Overall Token Distribution:

3.0 billion Estimated algos to be injected into circulation (initially via auction) over the first 5 years

1.75 billion Estimated participation rewards (distributed over time)

2.5 billion Relay node runners (distributed over time)

2.5 billion Algorand Foundation & Algorand, Inc.

0.25 billion End user grants (distributed over time)

The Algorand Foundation has also published additional details about how payouts work and the time in which users can expect to receive new funds for their participation in the blockchain.

Top Projects On Algorand Ecosystem

With over 30 ecosystem partners, Algorand is building the future now.


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