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Casper is business optimised.

Casper is a new Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm and WebAssembly-based Turing-complete smart contract platform. The system is a public, decentralized, permissionless

The Casper Network is prepared for developer and enterprise usage.

By utilizing blockchain technology and special features including predictable network costs, upgradeable contracts, on-chain governance, privacy flexibility, and developer-friendly languages, the network aims to speed up corporate operations.

Because of Casper's main capabilities and advantages, businesses and developers can benefit from blockchain technology.

How does Casper Work?

In order to validate transactions and maintain the network, Casper depends on a team of validators. Casper permits the geographical decentralization of validators.

This is in contrast to Proof-of-Work networks that require centralized validators for economies of scale.

Casper validators participate in the PoS consensus mechanism by validating transactions based on staked tokens and earning CSPR rewards. The native token of the Casper Network is CSPR.

Learn More About Casper

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