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Chromia: A History Of Pioneering

Chromia is a blockchain technology that promises to solve scalability issues for decentralized applications (DApps). Chromia is a blockchain network that may be used to create DApps.

Why Chromia?

Chromia has a history of pioneering

Chromia believes in a publicly hosted application infrastructure, as well as a vision of a reformed internet that is really responsive to the demands of its users. They believe in a government that works for the people and is free of corruption and waste. We think we have the necessary tools and have been developing them since 2012.

Blockchain pioneers

Chromia is the brainchild of ChromaWay, a cutting-edge blockchain firm. Alex Mizrahi, the CTO, and his team started working on colored coins, the first application of user-defined assets on a blockchain, in 2012. This invention was truly groundbreaking. We're sure you've heard of tokens before.

Chromia through ChromaWay

Since 2014, the three co-founders have been developing solutions for banks, businesses, governments, and private organizations, and have assembled a global workforce. Since its inception, ChromaWay has been a free and open source software firm, and it will not control Chromia, which is a truly decentralized platform.

Why does Company History Matter?

The tale of your company's initial vision and purpose, the guiding ideals that govern it, and, most crucially, the relationships between your firm and the people it serves is its history.

Unfortunately, most business histories are provided as nothing more than a collection of dates, the names of a few leaders, and some important events when you look over the landscape of nearly any sector.

While some businesses may not see the benefit in sharing their history, customers do — and they notice when it's missing, inauthentic, or repeating the same stale lines as everyone else.

Why? Because your company's history is one of the first places customers look to assess your track record, get a sense of your brand, and build the first impressions that will help them decide whether your brand is worth their time and money.

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