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Conflux: Connect Across Borders and Protocols

Conflux is a platform that connects creators, communities, and marketplaces across borders and protocols.

Why Choose Conflux?

High Productivity

To reduce confirmation times and enhance TPS, our groundbreaking Tree-Graph consensus system leverages parallel processing of blocks and transactions.


At the protocol level, Conflux uses a well-tested PoW consensus to provide greater security and anti-reentrance attack protection.


ShuttleFlow is a Conflux-based cross-chain asset bridge that allows for smooth asset transfers between several protocols.


Conflux offers unrivaled scalability, removing the consensus bottleneck that plagues other blockchains while maintaining security and decentralization.

Integrated Staking

A cornerstone for new DeFi apps is built-in staking interest. The increased issue of tokens now generates an annualized rate of 4% for stacked tokens.

Low Fees

Users with no wallet balance can still participate in blockchain because to our Fee Sponsorship Mechanism. 

Key Resources & Readings:

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