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Cosmos: TOP 20 Project | Project Analysis

Cosmos is a decentralized network of independent parallel blockchains, each powered by

BFT consensus algorithms like Tendermint consensus.

Heralded as an “Internet of blockchains” by its founding team, Cosmos aims to create a network of crypto networks united by open-source tools for streamlining transactions between them. It’s this focus on customizability and interoperability that sets Cosmos apart from other projects. Rather than prioritizing its own network, its goal is to foster an ecosystem of networks that can share data and tokens programmatically, with no central party facilitating the activity. Each new independent blockchain created within Cosmos (called a “zone”) is then tethered to the Cosmos Hub, which maintains a record of the state of each zone and vice versa. The Cosmos Hub, a proof-of-stake blockchain, is powered by its native ATOM cryptocurrency.

Who created Cosmos?

The Interchain Foundation (ICF), a Swiss non-profit that funds open-source blockchain projects, is the organization that helped develop and launch Cosmos.

Developers Jae Kwon and Ethan Buchman co-founded the Cosmos network in 2014, at the time creating Tendermint, the consensus algorithm that would go on to power Cosmos.

Kwon and Buchman later authored the Cosmos white paper, and released its software in 2019. The Interchain Foundation held a two week initial coin offering (ICO) of the ATOM token in 2017, at the time raising over $17 million. Tendermint Inc. raised $9 million to continue development of the project through a Series A funding round in 2019.

1.0 Our Findings: Utiliity

Unlike other projects Cosmos has real utility.

We determine the utility of the project by analysing its value proposition.

A value proposition refers to the value a company promises to deliver to customers should they choose to buy their product. A value proposition is part of a company's overall marketing strategy.

The value proposition provides a declaration of intent or a statement that introduces a company's brand to consumers by telling them what the company stands for, how it operates, and why it deserves their business.

We label Cosmos as a Value-focused enterprise

Creating a value-focused enterprise (VFE) requires a fundamental rethink of the way things are organized and managed. This is at the heart of the business strategy and implementation. These customers demand, and are willing to pay for, a sales effort that creates new value and provides additional benefits outside of the product. Using this model, you are able to plan the business on the basis of value to be delivered.

  1. Value-centered strategic intent: Where do you intend the organization to be in the foreseeable future and what principles will guide the journey?

  2. Value proposition: What is the Value Proposition (market, Value experience, Offerings, Benefits, Alternatives and Differentiation and Proof) and how is it congruent with the Strategic Intent?

  3. Value-focused operating model: What are the ‘How' factors (organization, process and so on) for the operationalization of the Value Proposition to achieve the strategic Intent?

  4. Value-creation-based management and execution: How will you execute and manage all of this to ensure maximum Value Delivery.

How do they do it?

Cosmos apps and services connect using IBC, the Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol. This innovation enables you to freely exchange assets and data across sovereign, decentralized blockchains.

262+ Apps & services, and growing. $142B+USD Digital assets under management.

Serving as the economic center of Cosmos, the Cosmos Hub is a blockchain that provides vital services to the Interchain.

Marketplace Set to operate a next-gen decentralized exchange, swapping digital assets from across the Interchain, with very low fees and instant transaction confirmation. Security provider With the upcoming Interchain Security feature, ATOM will soon be securing many chains, in exchange for additional staking rewards. Router A core mission of the Hub – to connect chains by establishing IBC connections with compatible chains and operating decentralized bridges with chains like Ethereum and Bitcoin. Custodian Located at the crossroads of the Interchain, the Hub is extremely secure, the best place to hold digital assets and manage accounts across many chains.


Cosmos has real utility which makes it a top 20 project.

Key Purpose: Uncovering The True Value of Cosmos

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