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COTI: Clear Value Propositions

COTI is the first enterprise-grade fintech platform that allows businesses to create their own payment solution and digitize any currency, saving them time and money.

What is the value proposition?

A value proposition is a commitment to deliver, convey, and recognise value. It's also the customer's expectation of how value will be supplied, experienced, and gained. A value proposition can be applied to a full company, or sections of it, as well as customer accounts, goods, and services.

COTI delivers the following value propositions


COTI can handle over 100,000 transactions per second, compared to 25,000 transactions per second in typical payment systems and up to 20 transactions per second in mainstream blockchain protocols.

COTI's user and merchant-facing solutions are simple and straightforward to use.

Buyer-seller safeguards

COTI offers the world's first dispute resolution system to protect users from mistakes, fraud, and counterparty abuse.


COTI removes middlemen and the need for costly mining, lowering prices and reducing energy use dramatically.

Price consistency

COTI is developing price stability technology, which is required for widespread blockchain payment acceptance.


COTI's technology allows transactions, P2P payments, and remittances to be completed in seconds rather than hours or days.

Why does Clear Value Proposition Matter?

The value proposition has to be a clear statement that offers three things: Relevancy. Explain how your product solves customers' problems or improves their situation. Quantified value.

Otherwise, like many projects, there is no reason for customers to buy or use the product & service.

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