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Glitch: Custom #DEFI Protocol Has A Lot Of Potential

A blockchain created specifically for decentralized finance is assisting mainstream adoption. Glitch is releasing the potential of permissionless apps while also lowering transaction costs and benefiting all users.

Why Glitch?

GLITCH Has Scalability

GLITCH offers industry-leading transaction speeds and a sub-second block time latency rate, with a minimum of 3,000 TPS that grows with the network.

Low cost

A revolutionary compensation model encourages community support for all ecosystem members, resulting in minimal transaction fees.


With one-of-a-kind bridge architecture, swap assets across the Glitch ecosystem and multiple blockchains.


To ensure that no single person obtains control of the network, Democratic GLITCH uses a decay Delegated Proof of Stake scheme.


Glitch Finance meets the demand for a scalable blockchain operating system created exclusively for decentralized finance in the crypto world (DeFi). They are singularly focused on scaling a parallel financial system with improved infrastructure. They are building a brand-new L1 network from the ground up so that more individuals can benefit from the potential of completely permissionless financial apps.

They are developing a system that can support millions of active users while being cost-effective and user-friendly. To encourage widespread use, we want to enable reduced latency in transaction processing and user interface applications. To reach its full potential, DeFi, in our opinion, requires a dedicated system that is simple to use, scalable, capable of unifying a whole ecosystem of dApps, and compensates all ecosystem players.

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