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Hedera: Incredible blockchain focused on enterprises

Hedera is the most widely used enterprise-grade public network, allowing you to create your own digital universe. Hedera's native, energy-efficient cryptocurrency, HBAR, is the driving force behind the decentralized economy. Hedera goes beyond blockchain for developers to create the next era of quick, fair, and secure applications, whether you're a startup or an organization, a creator or a consumer.

Key Highlight:

10,000+ TPS*

$0.0001 USD

3-5 SECONDS (w/ finality)

0.00017 KWH^^


The public ledger of the third generation

Ethereum added programmability to Bitcoin's decentralized architecture. However, in order to reach acceptable levels of security, older proof-of-work blockchains consumed a lot of energy and processed transactions slowly. Even for a small bitcoin transaction, these technologies' high bandwidth consumption results in high costs.

With blazing-fast transaction rates and exceptionally low bandwidth usage, the Hedera proof-of-stake public network, driven by hashgraph consensus, delivers the highest-grade of security imaginable (ABFT). Hedera is paving the road for the future of public ledgers by combining fast throughput, cheap costs, and finality in seconds.

Hedera Network Services

To create fast, fair, and secure apps on the decentralized network, connect to Hedera in the languages you know best, such as JavaScript, Java, and Go.

Token Service

Hedera allows you to create and manage fungible and non-fungible tokens for use in applications, governance, and digital collectibles.

Service of Consensus

For every application or permissioned blockchain architecture, keep immutable, verifiable, and reasonably ordered event logs. Track supply chain assets, IP rights, and identification credentials.

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