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Immutable X: The First Layer 2 For NFTS On Ethereum

Experience zero gas fees, instant trades, and carbon neutral NFTs for marketplaces, games, and applications without compromise. Build your NFT business in hours with our APIs.

Key Facts:

  • Zero gas fees for peer to peer trading.

  • Set your own trading fees.

  • No custodial risk; users keep their private keys.

  • Massive scalability up to 9,000+ TPS.

  • Not a centralized sidechain.

  • Secured by Ethereum. A true L2 inheriting security of L1.

  • Any NFT that is created or traded on Immutable X is 100% carbon neutral.

What Is An NFT?

NFTs are unique tokens based on blockchain technology and used as digital assets. Unlike cryptocurrency tokens such as Bitcoin, which are fungible, NFTs are digitally unique—no two NFTs are alike.

1.0 Business Model Created With Benefits In Mind

Immutable X Provides a number of benefits to builders and blockchain participants who are looking to do great things across the NFTs ecosystem.

  • Unlock Massive Scale Immutable X engine supports over 9,000 transactions per second, a 600x improvement over native limits.

  • Zero Gas Fees Remove the economic constraints. Neither you nor your users will pay gas fees for minting or exchanging assets.

  • User Maintained Custody Immutable X commit zero knowledge proofs to Ethereum so users will always be able to verify and withdraw their assets.

  • Play-to-Earn Ready Don't let fees for creating and exchanging assets limit what you can do. Immutable X's pricing is affordable and transparent for all meta systems.

  • Instant Transactions Minting, buying, selling, and transferring assets on Immutable is faster than the time it took you to read this sentence.

  • Sidechains Suck Unlike sidechains, we're not controlled by central operators that can be easily attacked (51%) and ransomed, nor do we require a novel token to use.

  • Metadata Orders Trustlessly place buy orders which can be filled by any NFT with certain properties e.g. any Diamond GU card.

  • Carbon Neutral NFTs All NFTs traded on Immutable X are completely carbon neutral, offsetting the carbon footprint with certified climate conscious partners, Trace and Cool Effect.

2.0 Conclusion

Discover the benefits of Immutable X and experience zero gas fees and instant trades. A key take from Immutable X's marketing is that beyond its apparent benefits, it provides solutions for what the future demands.

"The Ethereum ecosystem is likely to be all-in on rollups as a scaling strategy for the near and mid-term future”. Vitalik Buterin Co-founder of Ethereum

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