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Kadena: Top platform offering a complete decentralized infrastructure

Kadena is a public blockchain that aims to optimize for scalability and features a new smart contract language, dubbed Pact, which comes equipped with formal verification and upgradeable smart contracts. Kadena also uses a new Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus mechanism called Chainweb that consists of multiple individually mined chains working in parallel to execute network transactions. This design theoretically supports a high-transaction throughput at the base-layer without the need for any second-layer scalability or functionality solutions.

Kadena makes blockchain work for everyone. Kadena ecosystem provides the security of Bitcoin, virtually free gas, unparalleled throughput, and smarter contracts. Plug us in, deploy, and scale.

Why Kadena Is A Great Project?

  1. Safer smart contracts Pact makes designing safer smart contracts effortless, whether you’re writing your first contract or launching your fiftieth dApp. By automatically detecting bugs, Pact frees you from the exploits you’ll face on Ethereum and other unsafe platforms.

  2. No-cost transactions While we offer marginal transaction fees for consumers, we’ve gone a step further in introducing the first crypto gas station to allow businesses to eliminate all transaction fees for their customers, thus removing a key barrier to mass adoption of dApps.

  3. Energy efficient at scale As network demand increases, Kadena's energy use remains constant. Its unique architecture makes it the only platform that can deliver increased energy efficiency as TPS (Transactions per Second) scales.

  4. Proven security Our founders’ experience at JPMorgan revealed the limitations of existing blockchain solutions. To solve for the security and throughput demands of financial services clients, Kadena runs on Proof of Work, which is reliable, secure, and battle-hardened.

  5. Industrial scalability Unlike other platforms, Kadena is designed to power global financial systems. Our protocol continually scales to higher TPS (Transactions per Second) as more chains are added to the network.

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