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Kyber Network: Must know liquidity hub offering best rates

Kyber Network is a multi-chain crypto trading and liquidity hub that combines liquidity from many sources in order to facilitate transactions at the best prices.

How does the Kyber Network function?

It's crucial to understand how Kyber Network works by looking at the network components that work together to deliver an exchange service.

Among them are:

Smart Contracts — Provide the framework for trading and exchanging tokens.

Reserves - Provide the network with liquidity.

Execute deals and remove liquidity from the network as takers. (Dapps, merchants, and wallets are examples.)

What can be powered by Kyber

Wallets and Token Swap Services Allow users to swap tokens without leaving your wallet application. Decentralized NFT and Ecommerce Payments Accept payments in a wide range of tokens while receiving in DAI, ETH, or any token you prefer. Decentralized Finance Seamlessly liquidate assets or rebalance token portfolios in a single transaction.


Swap, Earn, and Build in DeFi Without Limits$7B+ Total Trading Volume*


Instantly exchange tokens at the greatest rates and with the best user experience. Multiple DEX methods, including Kyber pools, are used to aggregate liquidity.


By depositing tokens and providing liquidity with the maximum capital efficiency, you may earn exchange fees and farm incentives.


Vote on governance ideas with KNC coins and get KNC incentives from trading fees.


Make use of DeFi's most popular liquidity hub. Any application may use Kyber to incorporate rapid decentralized token exchange at the best prices.

  1. $80.99M Total Value Locked

  2. $17.56B Total AMP Liquidity**

  3. 3.51K% Max APR

  4. 20,000+ Available Tokens

  5. 100+ DApp integrations

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