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MultiVAC: Next-generation blockchain

MultiVAC is the next-generation public blockchain designed for large-scale and complex distributed applications.

Why MultiVac?

All-Dimensional Sharding

MultiVAC breaks through the limitations of blockchain scalability by developing the world’s first fully sharded blockchain with sharded transmission and storage.

Blockchain Trilemma Flexibility

MultiVAC pioneers flexible sharding, allowing DApp developers the flexibility to trade off between the impossible triangle of decentralization, scalability and security.

High TPS & Infinite Expansion

MultiVAC maximizes throughput on every shard while maintaining decentralization and security, allowing decentralized blockchains to achieve industrial capacity.

MultiVac Technology


MultiVAC was created with performance and versatility in mind, a miner selection technique that redefines sharding and smart contracts.

To Infinity, Linear Scalability

All nodes in a complete sharding system need to do is process the data in their shard. The performance of the entire blockchain network can improve linearly as a result of this. As more shards are added, the network's scalability improves, and it may therefore be indefinitely enhanced.

Dynamic Re-Sharding with VRF

MultiVAC uses VRF dynamic re-sharding, organic shard splitting, a novel PoS strategy, and other techniques to assure the security and self-growth capability of the shards.

Merkle Trees-based Distributed Storage Scheme

The ledger is kept in an innovative Merkel tree-based structure. The miner and storage nodes method divides data storage and control rights, allowing for a high level of decentralization and scalability.

Everyone should mine fairly.

Reduce the miner entry barrier, and anyone may readily join the network. Your laptop or any conventional PC with dual-core and 2GB RAM may participate in mining without any special miner or competition.

Benefits Gained From Superior Technology

The core of competitive advantage is directly tied to an organization's capacity to compete. Competitive advantage is defined in terms of market, rivals, and consumers (Komiski, Piotrowski 1998; Winer, Dhar, 2011), as well as the outcomes produced (Stoner, Freeman, Gilbert, 2001). As a consequence, competitive advantage leads to above-average performance and is achieved by offering clients higher value and benefits than those supplied by rivals (Doyle, Stern, 2006). The firm can benefit greatly from solutions based on modern technology. In the case of MultiVac, the company is able to offer superior technological capabilities, which in return provide sustainable ability to grow the business.

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