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Saito: Incredible decentralised network with high potential

Saito is a decentralized network that allows users to run bitcoin apps in their browsers without the need for plugins, secret APIs, or closed infrastructure. Saito exists in the absence of an owner by financing the nodes that offer user-facing infrastructure for its own network and other public blockchains.

A layer-1 blockchain that encourages huge openness and allows developers to create web 3.0 apps.

How does Saito function?

Saito Nodes and Saito Consensus


Saito Consensus appears to compensate nodes in the peer-to-peer network for servicing customers in addition to paying for the security layer. The more a node helps users, the more it is compensated.


Nodes can help with traffic routing and app support. This is critical because popular apps attract users, and more users mean more routing and transactions. The closer the routing node is to the user in the transaction's path to the block, the more the node is compensated with Saito Consensus.

So, what about staking and mining?

STAKING The reward money are locked up within the network and awarded via the staking mechanism in all circumstances where traffic was routed but the miners failed to find the hash solution. As a result, deflationary spirals are prevented, and economic stability is maintained.


Miners compete in Saito to generate unusual solutions to hash issues, resulting in unpredictability that provides safe and fair payments to routing nodes. Payment is distributed 50/50 amongst the nodes routing the transaction when a solution is found.

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