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Stratos: A top ‍‍decentralized data mesh project with unique functionality

Stratos is the first decentralized data architecture that delivers scalable, stable, self-balancing storage, database, and computing networks, as well as a robust platform for data processing.

Why does Stratos have unique functionality?

Stratos is revolutionizing decentralized data infrastructure by leveraging the most cutting-edge technology to enable the Blockchain sector to break free from centralized infrastructure reliance. We provide one-of-a-kind features for a strong basis for data adoption, such as high availability, self-balanced storage, high-performance database, trusted computing, and more, with the purpose of providing consumers and developers with a trustworthy storage architecture.

In this ever-expanding digital economy, Stratos is best positioned to assist data storage and adoption. We take the complex technical science of blockchain and make it simple to access and utilize for projects, developers, and consumers.

4 main areas of innovation


The Stratos decentralized storage network is a data-driven, scalable, dependable, self-balancing elastic acceleration network. It efficiently and securely accesses data. The user has complete control over the storage of any data, regardless of size or nature.


Stratos is a scalable, high-availability, non-schema, non-maintenance database with no single point of failure. The immutable nature of the Stratos blockchain database might fuel Oracle and data aggregation for any blockchain enterprise.


Stratos is a decentralized computing network that provides minimal latency and a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) provided by your neighborhood. The goal of edge computing is to make our lives easier and smarter.


The Stratos Blockchain is a Value Network that enables all decentralized ledger transactions and capabilities, ensuring that the Stratos Ecosystem's value circulation is ensured for all stakeholders.

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