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SYNTROPY: Unique Connectivity Layer for the Internet

Syntropy is an open-source initiative that develops next-generation Internet connectivity technologies.

What makes Syntropy unique?

Syntropy is intended to address concerns such as security, privacy, governance, performance, dependability, and inefficient resource use that plague the present Internet structure.

It is built on a foundation of technologies such as blockchain, encryption, optimal routing, and an economic model that facilitates and encourages the use of this architecture.


INTERNET NOW Provider-centric system Trust-based Data Security is third-party dependent. No Privacy. Cost-based, not optimal performance. Controlled by Internet Providers solely.

INTERNET WITH SYNTROPY User-centric system Trustless True End-to-End Data Security. Privacy by default. Best possible performance for every connection. Governed by the Users.


Data encryption that is decentralized and trustless. Blockchain allows for a decentralized public key exchange. Data encryption is no longer accessible to any third party. There are no trust authority or certifications. Allows safe and private end-to-end connection over the whole Internet.

Real Community Governance. Syntropy network allows users to control the Internet.

People produce, regulate, run, and use open source software by nature.

Network for Global Data Routing. All Internet networks throughout the world pool their intelligence. Data is sent through the best feasible paths for each connection at all times.

Instant access to high-performance, low-latency, and ultra-reliable connectivity.

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