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Telcoin: Helping millions of mobile phone users in the world.

With the Telcoin App, you may send money to 16 countries and counting.

Telcoin collaborates with telecom and mobile money providers throughout the world to enable direct access to trustworthy platforms that are currently used by millions of people.

Fiat remittances from Canada and the United States to 16 countries are now supported through the Telcoin App. Send money to the following countries/mobile money platforms using your bank account (additional corridors coming soon).

Why the mission of telcoin is a good one?

Every mobile phone user in the globe has access to quick and inexpensive decentralized financial products.

Telcoin has worked with mobile network providers and mobile money platforms throughout the world to deliver multinational communities quick and economical DeFi products.

Telecoms have the greatest captive audience of retail consumers ready and prepared to employ mobile financial services in their everyday lives, with more than 5.2 billion active members worldwide. The fast rise of mobile money systems, which currently have over 1.2 billion users and generate over $2 billion in daily transaction volume, demonstrates this.

Decentralized finance (DeFi) has transformed finance by allowing anybody with an internet connection to create user-owned, automated, non-custodial apps. DeFi transactions are code-based rather than going via middlemen, decreasing costs and returning money to users that offer liquidity or other services to the network.

With both traditional fiat and blockchain transaction rails that support our rapid and economical digital financial service offerings, Telcoin is designed to complement telecom, mobile money, and e-wallet partners internationally. Telcoin blends the greatest aspects of the developing DeFi ecosystem with our compliance-first approach to each market, guaranteeing that the firm only bears a fraction of the usual financial counterparty, execution, and custody risks.


Telcoin’s globally-distributed team includes professionals with vast experience in telecom, blockchain, technology, finance, and other key industries. Paul NeunerChief Executive Officer Rajesh SabariChief Commercial Officer Tim MahotaGeneral Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer Parker SpannEVP, Business Development & Strategic Projects Jeff QuigleyEVP, Business Development & Communications Rick SchendelVP, Finance Ryan TullyVP, Product Will MyersVP, Engineering David StuartVP, Operations Dan BlackbandVP, Compliance Operations

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