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The Sandbox: A Must Experience Metaverse

The Sandbox is software running on Ethereum that operates a decentralized virtual gaming world. At its core, the Sandbox is a game in which players can buy digital plots of land, called LAND, and create experiences on top of them to share with other users.

The Sandbox is made up of three products:

  1. VoxEdit allows users to create and animate 3D objects in the metaverse, such as people, animals, and tools among other items. These objects are referred to as ASSETS and use the ERC-1155 token standard, allowing for both fungible and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to be minted with a single smart contract.

  2. The Sandbox Marketplace is a venue in which users can publish and sell their ASSETS after first uploading them to the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS).

  3. The Sandbox Game Maker allows users to create 3D games for free.

While no knowledge of coding is required to participate in The Sandbox, its powerful suite of tools makes it possible to create and incorporate valuable assets into a fast-growing world of online games and worlds. -Gemini

How does The Sandbox work?

The Sandbox software leverages the Ethereum blockchain to track ownership of the digital LAND and NFT ASSETS on its application. Users further engage with its ecosystem using Ethereum wallets that hold their SAND tokens. Developers are also free to innovate within the Sandbox’s platform by designing the animation and interactions experienced on their virtual real estate using several tools:

  • Voxel Editor – Users can create voxels, the smallest unit of three-dimensional design, to design and bring to life creations like flora, fauna, and avatar-oriented equipment (such as clothing or weapons).

  • Game Maker – Tools that allows users to build 3D games on their LAND, using ASSETS they created or bought on the marketplace

Users can upload their creations into The Sandbox marketplace, where first they are registered as ERC1155 tokens (ASSETS) on the Ethereum blockchain. These ASSETS can then be bought and sold using SAND. -Kraken

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