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Verasity: Top infrastructure and tools for video publishers

Verasity is a global leader in the provision of compensated video player technology to major publishers. Within a video player wallet, the patent-pending video player allows for tokenized rewards (VRA) and loyalty systems.

Verasity Products Offer Top Quality Solutions

Verasity is an esports, video entertainment, and digital content management protocol and product layer platform. The VRA rewards system and a proprietary ad stack have been incorporated into SDKs for YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, and all major video platforms. As well as its unique Proof of View technology, which combats online ad fraud using blockchain-powered AI, transparency, and immutability. Proof of View assures that every view recorded on the ledger is genuine, giving video ad industry stakeholders a single source of truth for recording verified human views in real-time.

Discover Verasity

System of proof of view

The Proof of View mechanism acts as a deterrent to the widespread manipulation and fraud that plagues internet video advertising. Publishers, marketers, and content producers all have an intrinsic need to handle the issue of fraud, with over 65 percent of all video ad views being fraudulent (manipulated by bots). The PoV system's innovative procedures ensure that the video views are confirmed as authentic before being published to the publicly accessible blockchain database.


Blockchain is helping to accelerate the evolution of esports.

Verasity collaborate with some of the most well-known esports brands, like PUBG Mobile, VALORANT Challenger, CS:GO, Tencent Games (PUBG), and Athena Gaming, to dominate the esports market with best-in-class gaming content stacked on exceptional technology.

On VeraEsports, you can earn and redeem digital prizes that can be used in the real world whether you participate or watch esports.


Your Portfolio's Security and Growth are Guaranteed

VeraWallet is an all-in-one digital currency wallet designed for fans of esports and NFT. You may buy VRA using VeraWallet, redeem VRA you've earned, and send VRA to other wallets and exchangers.

VeraWallet offers 18.25 percent APY in staking incentives.

The Team Behind Verasity (VRA)

Verasity (VRA) was founded by RJ Mark who is an entrepreneur and technologist. Other members of the core leadership include:

  • David Archer - Director & Legal, Verasity

30 years experience in litigation, trust law, not-for-profit entities, dispute resolution, compliance, and governance.

  • Robert Keogh - Financial Director

Specializing in SMEs within digital media, blockchain, and cryptocurrency.

  • Justin Wenczka - CRO

10+ years experience in ad tech, focusing on advertising security and performance.

  • Elliot Hill - CMO

PR professional member with CIPR_Global

  • Sergey Molybog - CTO

15 years of progressive experience in developing technical solutions in the video player and blockchain industries.

  • Olena Buyan - CPO

Result-oriented Chief Product Officer with a proven track record of creating scalable, insight-driven, and user-centric products.

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