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XCAD: Being a first mover matters

The XCAD Network is a worldwide network that uses Creator tokenization to capture the power and value of Content Creator audiences, allowing viewers to earn incentives and influence Creator decisions through a YouTube plugin.

What's the first-mover advantage

The capacity of a company to achieve early entry into a new market is known as first mover advantage. When entrance barriers are built, there are significant payoffs. Microsoft collaborated with Intel in the early days of the PC market to develop high entry barriers. Microsoft still has a 90 percent market share of the PC operating system industry. Lockheed Martin was able to acquire a dominant position in the worldwide market for commercial space launches, servicing the satellite sector, thanks to an early technological and cooperation advantage with Russian aerospace companies. Because of the benefits accruing to first movers, the timing of strategic forays into foreign markets may be important for success.

Cost advantages, geographic space preemption, technology advantages, differentiation advantages, and political advantages are among the benefits to be acquired. To attain first mover advantage, it is required to erect strong barriers to entry for rivals, to be the first to implement new technologies, and to use first mover advantage to gain client loyalty. When rivals have minimal or no barriers to entry, there is no first mover advantage. Indeed, it may entail far more risk than being an early adopter.

The Case of XCAD

XCAD achieved first-mover advantages as The XCAD Network is the first platform for content creators to earn and sell tokens. With their Plugin, you may watch tokenized creators' videos on Youtube and earn their native creator token.

This creates multiple advantages for the project that will increase its market cap.

  1. Time to create economies of scale—cost-effective means of producing or distributing a product—is one of the benefits of early movers.

  2. Leadership in technology: First movers might make it more difficult for later entrants to copy their technology, product, or services. For instance, if the first mover lowers the cost of production, they will get an absolute cost advantage rather than merely a marginal cost advantage. Not only that, but the first mover will be able to apply for patents, copyrights, and other forms of protection that will strengthen their market position. Another example of technological leadership is when a company has a breakthrough in its research and development (R&D), resulting in a long-term cost advantage provided the creative concept is maintained and safeguarded.

  3. Costs of switching buyers: Last but not least, early movers may profit from lower buyer-switching costs. If switching to a new brand is costly or cumbersome for a client, the first firm to win the customer will have an edge. Buyers will sensibly choose the first brand they come across that does the job well. The first mover, particularly in consumer items, has the chance to mold consumer preferences and establish customer loyalty. Satisfied customers are less likely to look for information about other items and are less likely to switch because they are unhappy. Coca-Cola soft drinks, Kleenex tissues, and Nestlé meals are examples of pioneering brands in product categories.

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