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XCAD: The leader in Watch2Earn

The XCAD Network is a worldwide network that uses Creator tokenization to capture the power and value of Content Creator audiences, allowing viewers to earn incentives and influence Creator decisions through a YouTube plugin.

Benefits for both sides


Additional revenue while improving the fan experience

Increase fan engagement, viewing time, and loyalty.

Create your own Creator token unlocks, NFT Moments, and sell Creator-based services to make more money.


Using the XCAD plugin, you may earn, stake, see, and trade creator tokens.

Participate in the Creators' decisions through governance. may be used to track and analyze creator tokens.

A place of innovation

As of the Q2 of 2022, XCAD has added functionalities and improved its business model.

  1. Creator Announcement Campaign

  2. NFT Moments Platform

  3. Chain Expansion

  4. V2 DEX Launch

  5. Swap/Trading Built into Plug-in

  6. Metaverse Details for Fan Tokens

  7. Twitch Creators Announced

  8. First YouTuber Promotions

  9. Major Announcement

  10. Plug-in Launch*

  11. Exchange Listings

  12. + More

  13. *Subject to Partnerships

A team of superstars

The leadership of XCAD is filled with talent, experience and goodwill.

Oliver Bell CEO Bernice Thomas CTO

Eoghan Brereton Head of Operations Domen Trontelj Community Manager

Guido De Vita Director Of Technology Ben Tran Lead Developer Mariano Perez Program Manager

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